“Tell me your story…”

When I had joined a new organization, a colleague asked me  “So, Sarah, tell me your story.”

I have shamelessly used this line when I am meeting new people to engage them to talk.  It is phrased as a command but the person asking the question is showing interest in you.  Most everyone enjoys sincere attention.

It was one of the kindest ‘questions’ ever.

What if the person replies with “I don’t have a story” or “I don’t know what you mean”?  Then, it’s time to use a prompting question.  But ask something that is pretty common and something you might be able to have in common.  How about:

  • “Where did you go to elementary school and what was your favorite lunch food?”  Yeah.  This is information never listed on a resume.
  • Or even “what was your favorite cartoon as a child” can start quite a dialogue.

Everyone’s story starts somewhere, when trying to meet someone new, why not ask about their’s?

lunch box

Dedicated to Jessica Barboline for asking for my story!


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