Good morning or morning?

I once worked in an office with a very stoic culture.  There was one other person who would say ‘good morning’ to me.  But usually, I was the one wishing my colleagues a good start of the day.

Does it matter if we greet one another?   Isn’t it fake if I am not having a good morning to say it?

I say: yes! it matters .  You will now spend the next several hours interacting at work – why wouldn’t you want to start the day collaborating?

Lindsay Dodson for Business Insider recently shared insight on this very topic.  We can reap subtle benefits from a daily act as well influence your office culture.  Acknowledging another human being is one way to let people know you value them.

Back to the sincerity question, yeah it’s okay to have a bad day.   But if each and every morning is bad, maybe it’s time to evaluate your environment.   And, I challenge you to be a catalyst of change.  Start the day with a positive thought – and make it a good one.

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