Thumbs Up

I frequently share a Youtube video of a young child who just mastered riding a bike.  His father encourages him to inspire other students.  The child explains in plain terms his feeling of pride.

When we celebrate an accomplishment, we generate great positive energy.  It’s a shame when we miss this opportunities to share this feeling with others.  The immediate benefit is the praise and honoring of the person/team who hit their goal but let’s look deeper.

We spend a lot of time in our world identifying ‘areas for improvement’ or providing ‘constructive criticism’ but we don’t always balance with praise and gratitude for a job well done.  When I send a thank you note or express in-person my appreciation, I am given the opportunity to connect with my personal values.   In a way, I get to be part of the cheering section to empower that person.  But I am also able to assess how I can become a better contributor, parent or employee.

Recently a friend organized a surprise party for his son to celebrate his commissioning as an officer.   Each person invited was made to feel they were selected for our role in his military journey.  We were challenged to keep supporting James.  Lt. Col. Phillips practiced his leadership by acknowledging James’ hard work and dedication at this casual ceremony.  Honestly, James’ father was having a blast, too.

Tribute, inspiration, gratitude can be expressed in small ways or by cutting a cake with a ceremonial sword but should be done frequently.

Please share a way you have celebrated others but also tell me what you took away from the experience.  I am betting it made you feel good, too.

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