Beefing up my Resume

How is it possible to itemize your life on one page?   I’ve been doing this as part of my career journey but yesterday, while talking with a friend, I realized my highlights worthy of note are not even on my CV.

“My friend” started as a parent volunteer for a school campaign.  And through the years we have navigated politics, raising children, changing jobs, moves and more than a few hot, humid evenings at the pool.  So really, this friend is a reference.

I should quantify my multi-tasking as 12,000+ meals served, prepared and cleared.  Or paying for school lunch, while leading a meeting without breaking a sweat.

Project management – raising a child.  Insert quantity of doctors visits, trips to stores for athletic equipment, school supplies and/or cupcakes over an 18 year timeline multiplied by three children.

My problem solving acuity hit gold status the year I was working full-time, three children in three school buildings while my husband worked and went to graduate school.  Using a KISS* model, I found that simple calories in, calories out was a sufficient meal planning rubric.

Just like most items on my resume, I had help.  But when asked to provide a narcissistic profile on one page, I encourage you to draw from beyond the workday!

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