Can we meet for coffee?

A good cup of coffee and a great visit with a friend is the perfect combo for connection.  Nearly two hours later, my friend and I covered most every topic relevant to us right now.  But surely the best part of the morning was finding how we are currently sharing a career journey.

I used “so, what’s your story these days” to open the conversation and we just never stopped.  Jen is an experienced ‘connector’ and even told me she feels she can find commonality with most anyone.  So, it is no wonder we were able to visit for so long (you don’t have to though).   Soon, Jen was helping me dig deep into what my aspirations are and how she can help.

There are times when a visit does have an underlying purpose of networking but this one was purely social.  The result was a delightful morning, attention to a relationship and a possible career path.

This chat is an important lesson on how a conversation can lead benefit your job search and your personal community.   Unlike a neighborhood picnic, our meeting was intentional.  I cannot remember who invited whom but the act of invitation made the visit special.

Why not ask someone to coffee this week?  And push yourself to make that date with a 2nd or 3rd tier contact.  Then let me know how it goes.  Cheers!


–Special thanks to Water Street Coffee Joint for hosting us on their patio and to Jen Agay for the visit!